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The new focus puller's assistant:
distance measurement system
for multiple objects (up to 3) plus direct connection to the CineTape.
Reality is here: with the constant increase of pixels, focus pullers have never been so much challenged. Transvideo's passion for beautifull picture has given birth to the Cine Multitrack, an innovative tool which provides instantaneous, precise and accurate measurements to the operator: informations on up to 3 targets, adjustable transitions, communications with LCS, CineTape interface for in front of the camera measuring... never has a tool been so sharp.
Few technical specs
Wireless measurement technology
Ultra wide band (UWB)
Distance up to 200 meters
Refresh rate up to 60Hz
1x RS232 with power for CineTape
1x Mini lemo2 for power
Outputs 2x assignable RS232 to connect LCS and/or CineMonitors
Wireless data Sub GHz transceiver compatible with Transvideo equipment
Does not interfere with other equipment such as Lens Control Systems, Wifi equipment, video transmission systems...
Capable of tracking up to 3 Tags
Compatible with CineTape (input/output)
Compatible with lens control systems 
Wireless data transmission of measurements to Transvideo equipment
High refresh rates and smooth transitions for lens motors
Long lasting Lipo batteries, USB rechargeable
Adjustable warning zone
Adjustable optical plane offset
Assignable RS232 outputs
Setup for long distance measurement
Adjustable ramp for transition when switching Tag target
Activation and deactivation of automatic LCS auto-tracking
Assignable Tag#
Roll, Tilt and Pan information
Several adjustments depending on environmental conditions: LOS & NLOS

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