Tiffen HMIRND0.6

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Tiffen HMIRND 0.6 IR pollution is a significant issue in many of today’s hi-definition cameras which are inherently
sensitive to infra-red light, particularly those that do not incorporate an internal IR blocker (single
CMOS cameras). The TIFFEN Hot Mirror Infra-Red Neutral Density (HMIRND) Combination filter
is the COMPLETE solution to the IR pollution problem addressing this issue in both the Near IR
and IR regions of the spectrum. Each HMIRND filter blocks unwanted IR light and has matched
IR and ND components to assure accurate color reproduction in the near infra-red region. In
Addition, The Tiffen Hot Mirror (HM) filter is offered as a stand alone filter for those looking to
block just the IR portion of the spectrum, with no appreciable loss of light transmission.

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